People acutely ill with COVID-19 frequently experience a severe decrease in appetite as well as strong food aversions that limit their ability to nutritionally care for themselves. Many also experience extreme fatigue and gastrointestinal disturbances such as diarrhea, gas or difficulty moving their bowels. Inadequate food and liquid intake can lead to an even poorer appetite which will further weaken the individual.

Mission Statement:
Nutritionists for COVID-19 Care’s mission is to help people acutely but not critically ill with COVID-19 cope with nutritionally-related issues, such as a severe decrease in appetite, as well as related symptoms, such as taste changes, nausea, and bowel function.

Nutritionists For COVID-19 Care are a group of nutrition clinicians who are NYS-certified Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists experienced in caring for people with appetite dysfunction and in using foods to modulate GI issues. We will:

  • Post handouts and telecounseling information here on nutritionistsforcovidcare.wordpress.com

  • Post written nutrition resources for COVID-19-affected individuals and their caregivers on social media and if possible on NYC and NYS COVID-19 websites that include answers to frequently asked questions, shopping lists, menus and tutorials.

  • Provide a limited amount of free short-term nutrition counseling and encouragement by telephone to acutely ill individuals and their caregivers. For Covid-19 nutrition telecounseling please call (718) 462-5607 and leave a brief message stating your first and last name, phone number, and nutrition problem. We will return your phone call.

  • Provide these resources as an adjunct to and not a substitute for medical care or hospitalization.

We are grateful to Alyona Mak for the logo design.

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